High Carbon Steel and High Speed Steel

High Carbon Steel and High Speed Steel />

High Carbon Steel and High Speed Steel

What’s the difference?

High Carbon Steel blades are hard blades with the characteristics of being flexible. Although they are brittle, they are still flexible which makes them perfect for cutting softer materials. However, if they are used to cut a material too hard, they can become brittle and snap.

High Speed Steel have a higher cutting performance and they can perform at higher temperatures. They are very hard but are abrasion resistant which makes them ideal for low speed applications. Despite the name, “high speed”, these blades shouldn’t be used at higher speeds. These are good blades for cutting harder materials at low speeds such as metal.

As a rule of thumb, if you're cutting softer materials such as softwood, rubber etc then you should use a High Carbon Steel jigsaw blade. The blades will allow you to get the job done quickly with a low risk of snapping. On the other hand, if you're cutting harder materials such as metals then High Speed Steel blades are the blades for you. They work at slower speeds, which is more ideal for cutting metals, and they will make mince meat out of most metals.